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New-Tonne Lifting Services manufacture many types of overhead cranes including, Goliath Cranes, Single Girder, Double Girder, Rolling Beam and Jib Cranes. We design, manufacture and distribute complete crane kits from 1Ton to 100Ton. We also have a selection of Used Cranes
Overhead cranes, sometimes also called bridge cranes, are cranes with a hoist traveling along the bridge between parallel runways. They are designed to meet the medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all parts of manufacturing process. New Tonne Lifting Services are a global supplier of overhead cranes with an extensive service network.

While sharing major components, overhead cranes are manufactured in a number of configurations based on applications.
New and refurbished, capacity's from 500kg to 20 tonnes, indoor and outdoor use, crane kits and complete cranes, available with wire rope hoists and electric chain hoists.

Both single & double girder are equally rigid, strong & durable. This is because single girder cranes use much stronger cross girders than double girder cranes, and single girder cranes have lateral bracing, unlike double girder cranes. For more information please call 01925 22 44 71

Our double girder cranes are available with a huge range of customer options in capacities up to 200 tonnes. Double girder cranes give a better height of lift in a given headroom as the hook travels between the beams. They are available in higher capacities than single girder and for heavy duty applications they can be supplied with open winch hoists.

One simple advantage of the double girder design is the possibility to fit a walkway to the crane which gives maintenance access to many critical parts of the crane and often to overhead lighting etc
Jib Cranes and Swing Jibs are designed to take the effort out of lifting and loading in confined spaces, taking up very little floor space a Jib Crane can easily span a radius to suit your requirements while lifting up to 5 Tonnes.

There are a handful of different designs engineered to operate in different applications from standard swinging arm cranes to articulated Jib Crane built to move around and avoid an obstruction such as a column of a building or other supporting structure.

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Underslung cranes are manufactured as manual artictulated or power travel underslung cranes, with capacities from 125Kg through to 16,000kg

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