New-Tonne Lifting Services, of Haydock, Saint Helens, has been appointed sole UK distributor for the extensive range of cranes and crane equipment manufactured in Turkey by CMAK. With this important new addition to its already extensive product portfolio, New-Tonne Lifting Services can now offer an even more comprehensive equipment range to meet lifting and hoisting needs throughout the industrial, mechanical handling and construction sectors.

Ausio cranes are already well known throughout Europe for their mechanical robustness and reliability. They include single girder and double girder electric overhead travelling cranes, with capacities up to 100 tonnes, electric chain hoists and monorail and bi-rail trolley wire rope hoists, foot-mounted and wall-mounted jib cranes, console cranes and various designs of semi-Goliath and Goliath cranes. All cranes are manufactured in compliance with international standards. They feature direct drives, which have inertia flywheels for smooth starting and stopping, and thermal overloads are fitted to hoist motors. Safety features include anti-collision stop devices and upper and lower limit switches with two lifting stops and two lowering stops.

As with all its products, New-Tonne Lifting Services offers a complete design, manufacture, installation and maintenance service to support the new Ausio range. This includes design of crane systems using the latest CAD packages, the in-house manufacture of all steelwork and supporting structures, site installation by qualified and experienced engineers and the provision of a Crane Care planned maintenance programme, with regular inspection and servicing of equipment. Deliveries of complete crane systems are no more than three weeks from receipt of order and manufacturer's warranty can be extended up to 3 years.

New-Tonne Lifting Services is also the sole UK distributor for RWM electric chain hoists and jib cranes, which includes 240V and 110V versions with load capacities up to 5000kg and as well as the unique range of 24V DC hoists with re-chargeable power packs. It is also carries a wide range of ropes, shackles, hooks, slings and eyebolts.

Quality tested, equipment for hire such as chain blocks, hydraulic jacks, mobile gantries and load cells, is available from New-Tonne Lifting Services, which also offers in-house proof loading of chains and lifting equipment using a variety of testing machines up to 150 tonnes in capacity. All repaired and refurbished equipment is proof load tested using these in-house rigs prior to despatch.


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